April Update from Rikki

Hello. Welcome to Spring, or is it. Rather a lot of snow recently! Never mind, the
evenings are getting longer with Summer just around the corner.
Some of you may read – Wellington Weekly, Tiverton Gazette or Culm Valley Gazette. There was a report in these papers about Snowdrift, but GSL Andy has asked me to mention the activity here.

Snowdrift has been part of Hemyock scouts for many a long year as I mentioned last time. Our young people did well back at the beginning of February. They braved the elements to sleep under the stars with no tents and very little equipment. Matt, our Explorer leader was with his team and some of the older scouts who will be joining the Explorers in the near future. They started on Saturday morning by heading up to a friendly farmers patch of woodland (many thanks to him). There they had what is described as “yummy” porridge. Must have been good! Ever onward – next a five mile hike to the campsite which was an area in Blackborough Woods. Having built shelters, they ate well on rabbit and swede cooked over the camp fire. It was a cold and a bit wet night but some sleep was achieved. Next day, having left the site as they found it, it was time to head home and much deserved showers and baths. Well done to all of them and those who helped in the running and planning. The spirit of Snowdrift is alive and well. I am sure they are looking forward to next year.

Meanwhile Spring programmes continue for all sections. With an eye on the summer and camps!

Moving on. St Georges Day Parade and Service. 22nd April. This will be the fifth year that we have been with you in Hemyock (prior to that we attended the District event in Tiverton). We will gather at the Parish Hall for the Parade at 10.00am to St Marys and the service. As some of you may know Old Rikki says a few words during the service. This year will be quite active. Everybody can be involved if they want to. Doing what? You will have to join us to find out. After the Service we go down to The Garages for our AGM. You are very welcome to join us and perhaps become a member of our Group Executive, we are always looking for new input.

That is about it for this time but for BP’s finally. This is from camp fire yarn no:4. The Patrol system. A word to patrol leaders from Baden Powell. I want patrol leaders to train your patrol entirely yourselves, because you know them and can make good fellows of all of them. It is no good having one or two brilliant fellows, you must try and make all of them fairly good. The most important step to this is your own example because your chaps will follow that example. But remember you must give them the lead and not the push. Rikki thinks that that is still pertinent today and always will be.

A quick note for your diaries or calendars hanging on the wall: 6th
October. Our famous Annual Sale in the Parish Hall.

Bye for now,


December Update from Old Rikki

Hello and first of all a big thank you to everyone who supported our annual sale back in October. The magnificent sum of just over £2200 was raised for our funds. I think the queues outside waiting for the off were longer than ever! It was a great afternoon with Rebecca Larcombe (Akela’s daughter) down from Hereford to support us with cakes for sale. Kilts were in evidence being worn by Andy, Bing, Tom and Matt. They were also seen again on Remembrance Day. They will be wearing them until next summer. The things that our friends the Danes get us into. Thanks must also go to the many helpers who manned the stalls full of goods for sale. We even had a piano donated for sale, it was in tune and played well. A fun day and funds raised for equipment for our young people.

Moving on to Sunday 12th November, Remembrance Day. We paraded with you from the Parish Hall to The Church with nearly fifty members in uniform- cubs, scouts, explorers and brownies. Old Rikki was proud, as I am sure you all were to see them looking really smart and well behaved. They were a credit to parents and leaders. Well done. It was an excellent service in honour of all who have given their lives in many conflicts to give us the freedoms that we now have.

What have we been up to since our last report? Akela tells me that the cubs helped to sell poppies in the lower part of Hemyock. Also they have helped Janice with the very worthwhile shoebox appeal. They enjoyed the bonfire and firework night at Deep Sellick farm. In December they will be attending a District Christmas craft camp at Halberton. Josh Archer who is now a cub scout leader with us will be presented with his Queen’s Scout Award at that camp. He will then have the honour, as all Queen scouts do, of attending the St Georges Day Parade at Windsor Castle in April next year. He joins a long list of Hemyock scouts who have achieved this honour going back to the early 1960’s. We are proud of them all. I then got hold of GSL Andy to find out what the scouts and explorers have been up to. I have mentioned their Forest Glade camp to you in the last report. Apparently it was very wet, very muddy with assault courses in the woods, but most importantly – great fun! The bonfire for November 5th, didn’t just happen, it had to be built by scouts and explorers, so Andy and his leaders took them to Weston super Mare Pier, for a fun afternoon to say thank you. Programmes for the remainder of the year are all  outdoors – of course.

That is about it for this time – but finally, from camp fire yarn No. 20, ‘Chivalry for Others’. I am sure I have mentioned this one before some years ago, but it is worth repeating. Thanks!

“And look here! Here is a very important bit of courtesy that is too often forgotten, but which a true scout will never omit, and that is to THANK for any kindness you receive. A present is not yours till you have thanked for it. You have not finished your camp, even if you have packed up your kit and cleaned up the ground, until you have thanked the owner for the use of it and have thanked God for giving you a good time.”

(That was verbatim from Baden Powell all those years ago). So a big thank you to all of you that support 1st Hemyock Scout Group in so many ways.

That brings me to the last bit at this time of year (where did the year go?!) All members of our group would like to wish you and your families a very merry Christmas and a happy and peaceful new year. Look forward to chatting with you then.

Old Rikki

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October Update from Rikki

Hello again. I know that there is mention elsewhere in the Pump, but a few quick words on Ronald Cork. I have mentioned
in earlier Pumps this year that my dear old friend Ronald was battling with cancer. Alas his struggle ended in August. As I have said he was the first assistant Scout Master with 1st Hemyock back in 1961 and has followed the scout principles for the rest of his life. May he now rest in peace.

Onward, we are now into our Autumn programmes. We have reports from the group.
Explorers: currently eleven members of which eight went to summer camp in the Peak District.

Scouts: twenty eight members. Fifteen went to camp with the Explorers. Andy reports that the camp was a great success. The site at Barnswood was well wooded, which suited Hemyock with lots of wood for open fires every night. Activities included canoeing, caving, an 80ft abseil, a trip to Alton Towers and a hike to the top of Kinder Scout. In Autumn term a camp at Forest Glade plus all the usual outdoor activities and finishing with a Christmas party in a field at Deep Sellick Farm, thanks to Wendy and Edward Grabham.
Cubs: Starting Autumn with thirty members. We attended a District
camp at Caddihoe (near Exeter), with cubs that attended achieving
their International badge. Well done to them. There is a Sixers and
Seconders day in October and then heading to Haven Banks in
Exeter for water sports and climbing. Then a Christmas craft camp
in December. District events for 2018 have been set with Hemyock
running the sports day and district cub camp.

As you can see we are a very busy and active group. Our leaders our doing a super job. Akela Julie is also Training Manager for the District. Steve is also giving time to help with Dulverton group. Josh and Andy are new cub leaders. I will blow our own trumpet. Is it any wonder that we are probably the best group in District? Well done GSL Andy, his leaders and of course the young people who are members of the Group. We have a cub waiting list– but we are working on that!
We have our Annual Sale on Saturday 7th October in the Parish
Hall. Hope to see some of you there. All monies raised go towards
running the Group. We currently need new tents for the cubs and as you can imagine– they aint cheap!
Our annual bonfire and burger night will be in November.
The Group looks forward to being with you for The Remembrance
Day Parade and Service on 12th November.

And finally, well actually two ! First. GSL Andy has caught the Danish bug. He is currently wearing a kilt, I believe for a year! I did not notice a sporran when I saw him recently. Anybody got a spare one?

And now from Baden Powell. Camp Fire Yarn No.3 Tests. The Scout Promise. A difficult promise to keep, but it is a most serious one and no young person is a scout unless they do their best to keep it. When you promise on your honour to do a thing you must do your utmost not to break it. So you see Scouting is not only fun but also requires a lot from you and I know that I can trust you to do everything you possibly can to keep your Scout Promise.

As said by Baden Powell,our Founder.

Old Rikki

Remembrance Sunday Parade and Service




Please could cubs and scouts meet in the village hall car park by 9.40am to parade to St Mary’s Church for the 10am service. Cubs and Scouts will need to be in full uniform and correct uniform with school shoes and a wearing a poppy. They will also need money for the collection.

Everyone is welcome to join us for the service.