About Us

1st Hemyock Cubs is for young people aged 8 to 10.5 years. We meet on a Wednesday evening during term time from 18:00-19:30.


Our main meeting place is the Garages, Millhayes in Hemyock. However as an active and adventurous group we much prefer getting out and about in our local area.


At 1st Hemyock Cubs we pride ourselves in delivering a diverse and active programme giving our Cubs unique and varied experiences. Some of the main activities we do with Cubs include; Fire lighting, Shelter building, Backwards Cooking, Tracking, Pioneering, Community visits, Orienteering and First Aid.


Uniform for Cubs is a green Cub jumper, orange and green group scarf and woggle and smart school trousers with black shoes.


Cubs can work towards various different Badges either by themselves or as part of our programme. Once a Cub has achieved the criteria for a badge they can wear it on their Cub Uniform. To find out more about the many different badges click here.


Scouting is a voluntary organisation and none of our Leaders get paid for what they do. However each Cub pays termly Subs which cover our hire for the premises and also pays our annual membership fee to the Scouting Association which covers insurance and all the facilities offered by District, County and National centres.

Waiting List

If you would like to join 1st Hemyock Cubs please contact us through the ‘Contact us’ page. Unfortunately due to the popularity of Cubs we might have to add you to a waiting list, this is to ensure we are fair to those wanting to join. If a Cub is absent without letting a Leader know, for three consecutive weeks we will offer their place to the next individual on our waiting list.

Cub Scout Promise and Law 

The Cub Scout Promise ” I promise that I will do my best, do my duty to God and to the Queen, to help other people and to keep the Cub Scout Law.” 
The Cub Scout Law “Cub Scouts always do their best, think of others before themselves, and do a good turn everyday” 
The Scout Motto “Be Prepared!”