History Of Hemyock and Tønder Friendship

1972-1st Hemyock Scouts were asked to host 12 Scouts from Morocco, but instead 40+ Scouts from Denmark visited us and started this friendship. We camped together in Torbay, the first time that boys and girls had ever camped together.

1974– 48 1st Hemyock Scouts sailed to Denmark on the Dana Regina to visit Tønder for the first time. We camped with 18,000 at the international camp at Hvalpsund, abover the Lim-Fjorden.

1977– This year 63 of out Viking friends arrived in Hemyock. After the home hospitality we camped together in the Cambrian mountains of Wales.

1980– Again 48 1st Hemyock Scouts sailed the North Sea. we camped with 7000 others in the pouring rain in Stevinghus. The mud was knee deep and later floating in water. The welcome we received in Tønder was wonderful.

1983– It was Hemyock’s turn again, 59 Scouts and Guides from Tønder joined us first at home and then camping at fishponds. The Royal Marines joined us by parachute. We walked to Sidmouth through a thunderstorm.

1986- Hemyock Scouts and Guides, numbering 81, travelled to the island of Fyn(Funen), in the Baltic. Skip wrote ” (the campsite) has no equal for beauty and peace” The sun shone throughout and we all enjoyed the visit to Copenhagen. A warm welcome in Tønder followed the camp.

1988– We camped again at Fishponds with 60 of our Danish friends. The rains fell but camp was happy, some went to meet HRH Prince Edward. Parties and good hospitality followed around the Culm Valley.

1990– Hemyock’s turn to travel to Tønder, 52 English boys and girls joined our Danish friends at Bredeaadal. A brilliantly hot camp, with pond dipping, oven building, superb campfires and wonderful friendship. Hospitality in Tønder followed, warm and welcoming as usual.

1992– A beauiful camp at Gutter Tor, with 45 Danish Scouts to celebrate 20 years of friendship. A relaxing camp, now worries, wonderful scenery. Picnic Treasure hunt get togethers and farewell followed.

1994– Blå Sommer camp 41 from hemyock joined the 23,000 other Guides and Scouts from all over the world. A camp full of activity with so little sleep. None of us will forget the worldwide friendship from that camp. We received another marvellous welcome in Tønder where the pace was slower.

1996- Huish woods witnessed the next meeting of the Troops. 50 Danish Scouts joined us for a week of activities and fun. Followed by hospitality and outings: BBQ’s, Treasure Hunt, Somerwest work, Exeter and a sad farewell.

1998 Again we camp at the beautiful Bredeaadal among the trees, we ran the Olympics and had a market day, as well as hiking and other activities. A few busy days with our Danish friends in Tønder followed.

2000- The friendship continued in Clearbrook, a beautiful site, with the river running through. A close camp, with restful activities and gentle walking. 71 Danes joined us for hospitality and a trip to woodlands and Brownsea island,

2002– Hemyock Scouts returned to the Blå Sommer campsite, so much quieter than our last visit. The chance to walk around without 23,000 others was wonderful. A trip that strengthened friendships and created new ones. A restful time in Tønder followed and it was our first air trip.

2005- After a space of three years friendships were rekindled and new ones started at Woodhouse Park in Avon, overlooking the Severn. 46 Danish scouts and leaders joined us. Activities included archery, shooting and assault courses with no harm coming to anyone.

2007– 28 Scouts and leaders travelled to Denmark to camp at Troldhoj. We enjoyed a very wet camp with lots of mud and mud wrestling!! Even the leaders took part. A very warm welcome from Tønder made this a very memorable camp and hospitality week.

2010– Caddihoe campsite at Ashclyst forest welcomes 35 of our Danish friends, to continue the friendships made in the past and to begin new ones… Let the fun begin!

2013– Bredeaadal 19 from Hemyock joined 53 Tønder Scouts for a fantastic Viking themed Camp in sunny weather. Swimming in the river, tree climbing, axe throwing amongst the activities.